Chapter 11″Daily tasks, special pit host.”

Touch! Touch the abdominal muscles?

Ye Chen : “My day|Your grandfather!”

The death system: “Your taste is really heavy.”

Ye Chen is so angry that he wants to tear down the system.

The death system comforts the pure-born brother in the chicken nest: “You should be thankful, fortunately, Ren Jing has abdominal muscles, otherwise……”
Ye Chen pulls the corners of his mouth : “If he doesn’t have abdominal muscles, my mission will not be finished?”

The death system: “You can consider helping him develop his abdominal muscles within 24 hours.”

Ye Chen disapproves: “It is good to have an abdominal muscle as well!”

The death system: “Like you?”

Ye Chen : Life is already hard ah, big brother!

The death system is also afraid of stimulating the host to commit suicide in shame, it slowed down the tone: “This task is not difficult, touching the abdominal muscles between straight men , is it not the same as the girls touching each other’s chest thing?”

Ye Chen is not moved: “You also said it is a ‘straight man’ “. He stressed the tone of the latter two words.

The death system clears its voice and said: “Ren Jing is a straight man, you can also pretend to be a straight man.”

Ye Chen: “Why do I feel that you are fooling me?”

The death system: “How dare I? Smile.”

The smile that he read is too bad! !

Ye Chen couldn’t sleep anymore. He got up and washed, and thought about the task while brushing wih the electric toothbrush in his mouth: he couldn’t give up this task. He has stock, and he couldn’t waste it the next day.

Thinking about the death at 9:55, and it’s too bad to fall into that strange circle.

Abdominal muscles… Touch…

Speaking of it, he seemed to have touched it?

Well, Ye Chen blushed, and after rinsing his mouth, he washed his face with cold water.

After washing his face, Ye Chen looked at himself in the mirror and cheered: “Come on! Chen Ge, You can do it!”

These days, Ren Jing no longer sends him WeChat, and Ye Chen took out his mobile phone and turned it over for a long time. He hesitated to poke his finger.

The death system came up with a sentence: “Let’s give it a shot, not to mention the abdominal muscles, even XX has been touched.’

Ye Chen quietly said: “Are you giving me 100,000 life points?” If that’s the case he really doesn’t mind going to Ren Jing, anyway… that was once.

The death system: “Keep dreaming.”

“Roll,” Ye Chen turned a white eye: “An insincere bastard.”

Ye Chen struggled for a long time, and finally sent a message in last micro: “Are you free today?”

Ye Chen soon received a reply, but not Ren Jing’s: “Hello, Mr. Ye Chen, Jing Ge is in a meeting. If you have something to tell, you can tell me first. When he comes out, I will tell him.”

Ye Chen threw away the phone, very unhappy: What time will the meeting begin? You are too busy to die.

Ye Chen had to go to dinner first. As soon as he finished eating , his phone rang.

Looking down, Ye Chen almost choke.

Why did you call? Go back to WeChat!

Ye Chen didn’t want to talk to Ren Jing, but considering that people are in need, so …. Ye Chen answered.

Ren Jing’s voice, as always, makes people crisp and numb: “Is there anything wrong?”

Ye Chen refreshed himself and said : “Nothing.”

On the other side of the phone, Ren Jing raised the corners of his mouth and whispered: “l saw the WeChat you sent me “

Ye Chen quickly said: “Do you have any plan for today?”

Ren Jing ignored Yang Sen’s pile of “to do” and seriously said: “Nothing.”

Yang Sen who could hear clearly, drew at the corners of his mouth.

Ye Chen breathed a sigh of relief: “That’s great.” Ren Jing wanted to say that he wants to meet, but Ye Chen said first: “Well, “First Love” is about to start shooting, Gu Xi wants to invite the whole group to soak in the hot springs, so I wanted to ask you about your schedule.”

Ren Jing was stunned for a moment, but he quickly asked: “Tonight?”

Ye Chen decided: “Yes, tonight!”

Ren Jing looked at Yang Sen, who was confused by him.

However Ren Jing soon laughed and drowned the people: “Okay, I will wait for you.”

Wait, wait till I do something, should I wait for Gu Xi!? Ah! it’s not right, I can’t wait for Gu Xi. Ye Chen’s brain is knotted, but his mouth was not stuttering: “See you at night.” Then he hang up the phone in a hurry.

Ren Jing looked at the phone as if he could see the red cheeks of the other through the screen.

He couldn’t help laughing again, and Yang Sen wanted to get out of the way, the sour smell of love, do you want to abuse the single dog?

Ren Jing asked Yang Sen: “Gu Xi made an appointment to have dinner with the producers tonight?”

Yang Sen said: “Yes,it’s just decided.”

Ren Jing’s smile deepened.

After taking care of Ren Jing Ye Chen dialed Gu Xi’s phone: “Are you free tonight?”

Gu Xi said: “No time.”

Ye Chen thought about his own life, and thought that the big things can’t be considered as a matter. He asked: “What’s the matter? Is it important? It doesn’t matter, put it to Dad.”

Gu Xi just wanted to say that he had made an appointment with Ren Jing and other producers…

Ye Chen rushed to say: ” Well, it is time for our group to also come out and get together,my treat, how about Nan Shan Hot Spring? Pack the whole floor!”

It is really a big deal, like throwing a thousand dollars at it.

Gu Xi was happy, he has to pay for tonight, so he also saves money: “Ok, I have to declare in advance, I want Ren Jing to go as well.”

Of course Ren Jing has to go. He(RJ) does not go, Dad even held this nonsense stage.
Nevertheless, Ye Chen gave a hum of dissatisfaction.
Before hanging up, Gu Xi said: “Such a hot day , soak a ghost hot spring.'”

Ye Chen forced to break a wave of hardships: “The hot weather is good to soak in hot spring!” In fact, Ye Chen intended to go to the beach, but it is too rushed, and they are all in the entertainment circle, going to a place where there are many people to be surrounded to death, and a private beach where there are few people…it takes three hours to fly. It is too upsetting.

Money is God, Gu Xi happily said: “All right, I will listen to you.”

As soon as they hung up, Gu Xi called Ren Jing, Ren Jing was waiting, he picked the phone after it rang five or six times.

Gu Xi said:”Change your mind temporarily, let’s go to Nan Shan Hot Spring tonight?”

Ren Jing said: “Why do you go there suddenly?”

Gu Xi said: “Someone treats, you can’t go for nothing.”

Ren Jing imagined the cute and awkward “someone” and can’t wait to fly to the hot spring resort now.

Ye Chen’s plan has all gone to a sieve, and it was pitiful that he thought it was seamless.

How good! Gu Xi’s name is used to invite the person, as long as he touches it unintentionally again… Perfect!

The day wandered quickly and at night they all arrived at Nanshan Hot Spring on time.

It’s wrong to wear clothes to soak in the hot spring and Ye Chen came early, he arranged it first.

Guess the time is almost, Ye Chen “passed” the room of Ren Jing.

Sure enough Ren Jing’s voice sounded: “Ah-Sen?”

Yang Sen has been taken away by Ye Chen ,of course, he can not hear Ren Jing’s voice.

Ye Chen pretended to be inadvertent and said: “What’s wrong?”

Ren Jing in the room paused.

Ye Chen explained: “I just passed by and Yang Sen is not here”

Ren Jing said: “I don’t have a bath towel here.”

Ye Chen quickly said: “Wait a minute, I will get it for you.”

Ren Jing said: “Ok.”

Ye Chen had a bath towel in his hand, but he pretended to go next door. Then ran back to knock on the door.

Ren Jing opened the door for him .

Although Ye Chen was mentally prepared, he still took a deep breath. People were really mad at people.

It’s really unreasonable to be tall and still in such a good figure!

Ye Chen didn’t dare to look more and handed out the bath towel.

Because they were close, his fingers hidden under the bath towel accidentally touched the abdomen of Ren Jing.

Unhindered contact, yes!

How smooth!

Ye Chen gave him a bath towel and turned his head to run. His heart was pounding, he didn’t know whether he was excited or nervous.

How about it? Ye Chen asked the system, “Where is my life point?”

The death system: “The mission is not completed, where is the life point?”

Ye Chen barked suddenly: “I clearly touched it! And it is a direct touch!”

The death system faintly said: “You touchec it, but Ren Jing does not only have a piece of abdominal muscles.”

Ye Chen glared: “You…”

The death system said: “If you touch the abdominal muscles , you shpuld touch all eight of them.”

Here is ch 11!!!!
I said I have exam but I can’t focus on my studies So I edited another chapter.
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I have never been to hot spring. I am so jealous.

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