Chapter 10 “Some people want to be sweet.”

Today’s luck is really good, Ye Chen is pleased with himself!

He thought for a moment and then asked: “Have you booked a table yet?”

Ren Jing’s solemn nonsense: “No.”

Ye Chen said: “His house is hard to book! if you haven’t booked yet, you defenitely don’t have table.”

Ren Jing looked embrassed: ‘This ah.”

Ye Chen said enthusiastically: “Why don’t we share the table?”

Ren Jing said: “Would it bother you too much?”

Ye Chen said: “How could it be? Xiao Liu doesn’t like to have dinner with me, it is better to have someone with me.”

Ren Jing smiled: “Then I will pay for the meal.”

Ye Chen waved : “No, just bookkeeping.”

Ren Jing said : “That’s too embarrassing.”

Ye Chen frowned: “Don’t be so polite.”

Ren Jing’s eyes were full of smiles: “I want to invite you.”

Ye Chen’s ears trembled, but he didn’t think much about it . Ren Jing was a very good visitor. It is normal to invite guests on his own initiative.

The elevator clicked and went to the first floor.

Xiao Liu hurriedly said: “I am goin to get the car.”

Yang Sen also said the same thing.

Both Ye Chen and Ren Jing should be down.

But, Xiao Liu hurriedly ran out, and called Lan Ting: “Hello , help me book a table!”

“Mr. Liu, at this time, we have ….”

“The temporary table is also OK, please be sure to help!”

Although Xiao Liu did not know why Ye Chan invites Ren Jing to dinner, but as a good 360-degree assistant, it is necessary to get this done.

It is hard on the other end of the phone.

But at the same time, Yang Sen also dialed Lan Ting’s manager’s phone: “Trouble you to cancel the booking.”

“Okay, this will be handled for you.’

Anxious Xiao Liu waited for the reply.

“What a coincidence, Mr. Liu, just now a guest has canceled the table, I will book it for you.”

Xiao Liu said, luck is good, or else he will lose face, he quickly said: ‘Thank you, thank you! ”

After that, Xiao Liu sent a message Ye Chen, who gave him a thumb.

Walking outside the door, Ye Chen has to ride in a car with Ren Jing, but he is embarrassed to speak.

After hesistating for a long time, Ren Jing suggested: “How about we go together?”

Ye Chen’s eyes shine.
Ren Jing’s mouth corners raised slightly, and found the steps for him and said: “Anyway, it is not necessary to waste to go to the same place.”

Chen Ge jumped down the steps and said, “Yes, yes, frugality is a good moral character . ”

Yang Sen drives, Xiao Liu is a co-driver, Ren Jing and Ye Chen are sitting behind the car.

Ren Jing’s car is quite spacious, with double seats in the back and a small coffee table in the middle, some documents and a surface book.

Ye Chen disagreed: “Looking at something in the car and hurts your eyes.”

Ren Jing said: “Well, I won’t see it anymore. ”

Ye Chen always feels that his tone is strange, but he can’t say anything it, but people are so obedient. It is not good to say more.

In a spacious space, Ye Chen sits a little nervous.

Ren Jing opens his mouth and his soothing voice washed people’s nerves like water: “You did very well today.”

Ye Chen stayed for awhile .
Ren Jing said: ‘You don’t have to deliberately cooperate with the camera. If you do your own, the camera will follow you.”

Ye Chen responded by saying : “Oh, it’s a rehearsal…” cough.

After a sigh of relief, he was a little excited: “Gu Xi almost scolded me as a dog, saying that my face is like a Iayer of mud, stiff like a statue.”

Ren Jing said: ‘l feel very good, very… ” He paused, did not say cute, just said, ‘very infectious.’

All he said was true, and he was fascinated by it, it can be said that it is very infectious.

Chen Ge has never been praised in this life. For a time, Ye Chen was a little embarrassed: “Yes, okay.”

Ren Jing spoke softly again, mostly about acting skills.

In fact, Gu Xi and Ye Chen have said many times, but Gu Xi’s tone is “roar and roar”, after roaring he began to “curse and scold”.

For Ye Chen, the words went into the left ear, and out of right ear leaving behind only a few onomatopoeic words.

Ren Jing’s boasting and talking like this is not too pleasant.

Ye Chen is quite happy, but the mood of the two assistants in front is quite complicated.

Xiao Liu: Chen Ge really has acting skills, Ren flim emperor I am afraid you have to go to the ophthalmology department.

Yang Sen: The filter is so thick that it runs through the center of the Earth!

The conversation on the road was very pleasant. After arriving at Lan Ting, Ye Chan was dedicated to picking up expensive dishes and would like to thank Ren Jing very much.

After ordering, he asked Ren Jing: “Are you drinking?”

Ren Jing: “No, there is still work in the afternoon.”

Ye Chen was instantly disappointed and said: “There is work?”

He was afraid that his eight-hour mission would not be completed, but it fell into the eyes of others, especially in the eyes of Ren film emperor, it became: he(YC) was reluctant to be separated from him(RJ).

Before he has dessert, Ren Jing is feeling sweet.

Yang Sen was afraid that the boss would be muddle-headed for sex and whispered a reminder.

Ren Jing explained:”It’s been about half a month to take a promotional photo of “Far”, so it is not appropriate not to go.”

Ye Chen asked: “What time?”

Ren Jing looked at Yang Sen, and Yang Sen said the time and place.

The disappointment in Ye Chen’s eyes became more obvious: “Are you leaving at 1:30?”

He wants to spend eight hours, at least until 3:30 p.m.

Ren Jing have to go to work at 1:30 and what will he do in the last two hours?

Ye Chen had no choice but to ask: “You must go?”

Ren Jing looked at him and asked: “What are your plans?”

“No…nothing.” Ye Chen looked very depressed.

Ren Jing almost wanted to do nothing to accompany him, and Yang Sen quickly cleared his throat and gently reminded him.

Ren Jing said: “Are you free this afternoon?”

Ye Chen immediately looked him with wide eyes and said: ” Is it a matter of playing games?” Ren Jing’s eyes were full of smiles: “Would you like to join me then ?”

“Ah?” Ye Chen immediately looked at him with wide eyes , “All right?”

Ren Jing said: “What can’t I do?”

Ye Chen pondered over it for a bit and immediately became happy: “I will go and have a look, I will certainly not disturb you!”

Ren Jing said, disturbing is ok, such a disturbance, can come the best life.

After taking care of the back of the trip, Ye Chan was happy again, and tried hard to share the food with Ren Jing.

Ren Jing doesn’t like carrots at all, but when he looks at Ye Chen, he thinks that this strange thing is not that bad.

After the main dish came up, Ye Chen recommended: “Taste this, the lamb chops in this restaurant are very good, it is the best I have ever eaten!”

Ren Jing tasted it, the lamb was outside the crisp, I don’t know. What kind of spices have been put in, and the lips and teeth are still fragrant after eating, which is really quite good.

“It’s delicious.’ Ren Jing said.

Ye Chen bent his eyes and said: “Dad didn’t lie to you!’ After saying that, he was stunned and quickly changed his tune.”I … I mean…” He accidentally said casually.

Ren Jing is not Gu Xi, he cannot joke casually .

Ren Jing didn’t care, instead he was very happy. He answered: ‘You didn’t lie to me.”
Ye Chen was relieved and thought that he had not heard the first two words.

Yang Sen is speechless… Although he has long known that Ren Jing’s obsession is quite deep, he never thought that it woul be this deep, Wake up Flim Emperor! What the hell are you so happy when you are considered as son!

After dinner, they went out to the “Far” headquarters together.

On the road, Ye Chen asked: “Do I need to do camouflage?” Although he is not popular, but he is also in a circle, in case someone sees him, um… it is not always good.

Ren Jing said: ‘It’s all right.”

Ye Chen became calm after thinking about it. He has a friend who had just been assigned to “Far” and started his deep education from the bottom. In due course , he should go visit the prisoner!

Ye Chen thought very well, and as a result, he did not walk away from the studio after entering.

He knew that Ren Jing is very good-looking, but he did not expect to see it at this point .

To maks this kind of promotional photo takes a face, a body and a temperament.

Ye Chen just looked at it casualy at first but after a glance , it was already 3:30!

Ren Jing’s work was over, he was still wearing that dark suit, his eyebrows were decorated, his original delicate appearance became deep and sexy, his eyes slightly moved down. That appearance makes a person’s heart jumps out, it is Ye Chen right now .

Ren Jing smiled at him and said: “Wait for me, I will remove my makeup.”

Ye Chen can talk? No, he can’t open his mouth, and the heart really jumps out when he opens it!

Ren Jing went to change clothes, and it was only after half a day that Ye Chen came back to his senses.

“What time is it?”

Xiao Liu honestly said: “It’s three thirty-five.”

At this moment, the voice of the death system sounded: “Congratulations, completed the weekly mission, reward the life point 1.”

Completed ! So what is he doing here? Ye Chen took a deep breath and let the heart returns to its own position and then ran.

Xiao Liu quickly said: “Don’t you say goodbye to Ren flim emperor?” Ye Chen said: “This is handed over to you, I will go first!”
Xiao Liu: “….”
Ye Chen ran halfway and was stopped by a dog friend who heard noise: “Chen Ge, Have you come to see me? Have something good? I’ve been hungry for three days!”

Ye Chen said: “Come on rother, I am in a hurry, I’ll see you another day.”

The dog friend said: ” Hey , How cam you just come and go?”

Ye Chen was so guilty that his mind was full Ren Jing. He felt that he was so bad, and he couldn’t care to talk with his friends.

He dropped his car key to run fast: “You can take the car away, anytime you want.”

His dog friend’s father is tough thief, in order to hone his son, he deducted his car and let him eat his salary.

The dog friend looked at the car key and he was instantly delighted: “Chen Ge, walk slowly! Come back when you have time~~~”

Ye Chen came home all the way, after opening the air conditioner, the whole heart calmed down.

However, he still has some rapid heartbeats, and carefully recalled the eight hours, he is somewhat square. Why does he think it’s so strange?

Ren Jing was stood up again, but he was not angry at all, he was in a good mood.

Ye Chen is too shy, but it’s okay, takes it slow, he’s been waiting so long and patient.

Ye Chen went to sleep secretly for a day, and he was woken up by the system the next day.

“Daily mission…”

Ye Chen ignores, brother is also a person with two life points! One button will not die.

The system finished the words: “Touch the abdominal muscles of Ren Jing, pay attention, must be direct contact, can not have any obstruction.”

Ye Chen wakes up instantly.

I mtl and edited it but it is not very good. I will slowly re-edit it after . Please suggest me where I can improve it. I have exam right now So I will regularly update in April.

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